Our Team

Pepe Rico CEO & Founder

Pepe is the CEO and founder of Northern Waves. With a background as an Antenna Engineer, he brings a deep passion for innovation and expertise in additive manufacturing. Pepe has extensive experience in microwave technology and novel manufacturing techniques. His unique vision of merging microwave components with additive manufacturing led to the creation of our company, driving us towards pioneering advancements in the industry.

Sara Fern√°ndez – COO

Sara is the COO of our start-up. With a background in Industrial Engineering and an MBA, she brings extensive knowledge in sustainability, a core concern for us at Northern Waves. Sara’s expertise ensures that our technology aligns with sustainable practices. Additionally, she manages and oversees all internal processes, driving efficiency and effectiveness within the company.

Omar Orgeira – CTO

Omar is the CTO of our company. He is an antenna engineer with a deep passion for additive manufactured antennas and microwave components. He plays a crucial role in bringing our innovative ideas to life through advanced technology, driving the technical direction and development of our cutting-edge solutions.