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Northern Waves empowers you to push design boundaries with additive manufacturing expertise in microwave components. Through cutting-edge technology and unmatched proficiency, we create monolithic parts that eliminate assembly and enhance frequency response.

Upgrade your designs with Northern Waves. Experience the future of additive manufacturing, where limitations dissolve, and your possibilities expand. Join us as we redefine microwave component production together.

Elliptical Lens Manufacturing

Our Services: Design Optimization for Additive Manufacturing

  • Lightweight and Dimensionally Optimized Solutions
  • Seamless Monolithic Components
  • Enhanced Frequency Response for Superior Performance
  • Unleash Your Imagination with Arbitrary Shapes

Microwave Products

Geodesic Lenses

Geodesic lens antennas offer exceptional performance in terms of beamforming capabilities. It enables improved scanning while increased gain, reduced interference, and enhanced coverage in wireless communication applications. Geodesic lens antennas represent an innovative solution that combines the advantages of geodesic geometry with antenna technology, providing advanced functionality and reliability in various wireless communication systems.

Geodesic Horn Antennas

A high-performance antenna solution featuring a compact configuration of multiple geodesic horn antennas. With its distinctive horn-shaped design, it offers exceptional improved gain, extended range, and reduced interference. Customizable for various frequency bands and applications, our Geodesic Horn Antenna delivers precise beam control and advanced signal performance. Experience the power of our compact and versatile Geodesic Horn Antennas.

Dielectric Radomes

Engineered to elevate the performance and longevity of antenna systems, our advanced enclosures provide a transparent and weather-resistant barrier. With a focus on optimal signal transmission and protection from demanding environmental conditions, our Dielectric Radomes offer a reliable solution.

Designed with precision and expertise, our Dielectric Radomes are fully customizable to fit different antenna sizes and shapes, enabling seamless integration into your specific system requirements. We prioritize precision engineering and meticulous attention to detail to deliver radomes that not only enhance signal transmission but also provide long-lasting protection for your valuable antenna systems. Experience the reliability, durability, and superior performance of our cutting-edge Dielectric Radomes.

Waveguide Components

Advanced solutions for superior signal transmission in communication systems. Our precision-engineered components ensure minimal signal loss and maximum integrity. From radar systems to wireless networks, our versatile Waveguide Components deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Experience the power and efficiency of our cutting-edge technology for seamless connectivity in your applications.

Ad-Hoc Components

Dynamic solutions designed for on-demand microwave communication networks. Experience the agility, reliability, and efficiency of our cutting-edge ad-hoc microwave components. Trust in our solutions to enable rapid deployment and establish robust microwave communication networks in dynamic environments. Empower your microwave communication capabilities with our versatile ad-hoc components designed to adapt to your changing needs.

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